Innovative Splashbacks supply custom printed acrylic splashbacks & decorative wall panels to architects, builders, interior designers, home owners, DIY’ers, retail and commercial clients Australia wide.

You have many options on image, graphic and pattern choices for your splashbacks and wall panels.  And we will help you every step of the way.

You can:
Supply your own image or photo, if the resolution is high enough


Choose high definition images from image sites such as 





Work with our graphic designer to create your unique masterpiece


Choose an image from our Signature Image range on this page.

Images from our Signature Image range are high quality professional photography images. As they are professional images, their quality and resolution are much higher than you’ll find on many royalty free websites.

They can be formatted to your splashback and wall panel sizes, depending on image layout requirements.

They can also be modified to black and white or sepia colour tones.

See gallery of our Signature Image Range below.

Waterfall Signature Images

Beach Signature Images

Water Signature Images

Cityscape Signature Images

Landscape Signature Images

Other Signature Images