Innovative Splashbacks supply custom printed acrylic splashbacks & decorative wall panels to architects, builders, interior designers, home owners, DIY’ers, retail and commercial clients Australia wide.

How To Choose Images

You have many options on image, graphic and pattern choices for your splashbacks and wall panels. And we will help you every step of the way.

You can:
Supply your own image or photo, if the resolution is high enough


Choose high definition images from image sites such as 





Work with our graphic designer to create your unique masterpiece


Choose an image from our Signature Image range

We will work with you to create the splashback and wall panel of your dreams.  We will take you through the process and selection process which includes checking images for you.

It doesn’t matter on the size of your splashback area either.  We assist with image layout and sizing requirements, whether it’s a single panel or a collage across multiple acrylic panels. 

And because we use one of Australia’s most advanced printers we can go up to 2030mm x 3050mm on a single panel, eliminating joins.

We can make image modifications such as convert colour image to black and white or sepia colour tones.

We can also and crop and resize photos and images as required to fit your printed acrylic splashbacks area perfectly.

Of course, we send you a proof of your splashback before it is printed. This is part of our superior service.

The process

  • Have a good estimation of panel size(s) required.

  • Do you have an image, photo or graphic already? If yes as part of the process, we will check images are suitable to your size requirements. This is part of our process when placing an order.

  • If you want to select an image for your printed splashbacks and wall panel check out our Definitive Guide: How to select images for your printed splashbacks & wall panels

Contact us directly for pricing and for any further information by filling in the contact form, or by calling us directly on 0418 548 743.

Our stunning printed splashbacks will turn your space into a masterpiece, showcasing your individual style which will leave your friend breathless.

Bring your imagination and creativity to life… the opportunity to express yourself is limitless…
Imagine a waterfall in your shower …
… your bath sitting on a white sandy beach
… your kitchen overlooking the world’s greatest cities
… or anything your heart desires.